meet the facilitator

Dr Tessa Opie

Dr Tessa Opie is the founder and director of inyourskin and an advocate for healthy and consenting relationships. Tessa’s approach is sex positive, evidence based and harm reduction focused. inyourskin provides relationships and sexuality education to students, young adults, professional athletes, parents, teachers, counsellors, and allied health professionals. 

In 2018, Tessa co-published a national position paper (as lead author) detailing comprehensive, evidence based sexuality and relationships education in Australian schools. She has also recently published a paper which considers the role of sex positive education in the prevention of sexual violence among high school students. 

In 2019, Tessa worked as a consultant for a 4-part SBS television series, The Hunting. 

Last year, Tessa was involved in the National Health and Physical Education Curriculum Leaders Forum, presenting her work on sexual health and safety in the context of consent education. She also works as consultant for Government Education Departments, sporting associations, youth organisations, and schools. 

Dr. Tessa Opie